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Experience Hawick

Hawick is a market town in the Scottish borders in the county of Roxburghshire with a population of just under 15000.

There is so much to see and do in the town itself as well as in the countryside beyond. When planning your visit be sure to make time to explore Hawick Town. It offers a great day out and the perfect base to stay and explore the Scottish Borders. The town has many shops, cafes, pubs and places of interest and lies on the River Teviot where it is joined by Slitrig Water. It’s surrounded by spectacular countryside and a number of trails start here in Hawick.


About Hawick

The historical town dates back to the 600s when a settlement was first founded by Angles (Germanic people). In the 1100s a Norman family named the Lovells, built a large motte (fortification) and wooden castle. The site of Hawick Motte can still be visited today and now takes the form of a large grassed mound with a flat top. Hawick is steeped in history and suffered throughout the cross-border wars between England and Scotland for several centuries.

Hawick, A Historic Town

In Hawick town centre you find a statue know as The Horse. This equestrian monument in Hawick’s busy main street is by the Edinburgh sculptor William F. Beattie who was born in Hawick. The bronze statue was unveiled in 1914 and celebrates the skirmish of Hornshole which happened some four hundred years earlier. There is a plaque on the statue which reads “Erected to commemorate the return of Hawick gallants from Hornshole in 1514 when after the Battle of Flodden, they routed the English Marauders and captured their flag”. There is also a more recent statue that was erected in Hawick in 2014 which also references the ongoing battles between the Scots and the English. This statue depicts the capturing of the English flag by a young man from the town. It’s believed the flag was captured from Hexham Abbey. You will find Hawick is full of history and another monument includes the Turnbull Turning of the Bull, which can be found in the Hawick Heritage hub. This statue was the focus for a large gathering of the Turnbull clan with 600 Turnbulls travelling from all over the world to meet in Hawick. 

Hawick, a Town of Industy

Hawick is the largest of the border towns and is famous for its knitwear industry. You will find an abundance of shops selling quality knitwear and cashmere. The town is also home to the Borders Textile Tower House, Hawick Museum and the Scott Gallery. In 2018 Hawick became home to the Borders Distillery, reputedly the first legal whisky distillery to operate in the Scottish borders since 1837.

Hawick, an Architechtural Splendor

The architecture of Hawick high street is extremely interesting with a particularly splendid 19th century town hall with impressive clock tower. The town is peppered with a collection of interesting paths ways and is great place for the family to explore.



Hawick is a town proud of its history and has a great sense of community.

It hosts a range of events year-round and offers visitors a friendly warm welcome. Known for its important role in the textile industry Hawick is the perfect place to shop for quality knitwear, cashmere and other textiles. You can also buy Whisky from the local distillery and browse the town centre shops which offer everything from antique to local goods and fresh produce. There is a regular farmers market each month and a regular Saturday market too. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect place to take a break from shopping and have a coffee, lunch or dinner. There’s a great selection of cafes, restaurants, pubs and take away outlets with prices to suit most budgets.


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Trails to Discover Hawick

Perhaps have links to a couple of working or historic trails around the town itself.