Dod Burn Pele-House

Little now remains of a small pele-house stood high on the south-eastern slopes of Gray Coat, overlooking the Dod Burn valley. The walls of the pele still stand about four feet high, and from them can be sighted the old ‘Thieves Road’, which leads from Teviotdale into Liddesdale. It is possible that residents of the Dod Burn pele might have spotted Mary Queen of Scots, as she passed along the Thieves Road from Jedburgh to Hermitage to see her wounded lover Bothwell. Excavations have revealed the ground-floor entrance in the gable-wall, dressed with stone jambs similar to those found in the pele towers of the upper-Jed Water valley. If indeed the Dod Burn pele was of a similar construct to the upper-Jed peles, then it represents a rare occurrence of such historical architecture.