Dodburn Filters

A Hawick water-supply system on the Dod Burn, fed by burns on nearby Priesthaugh and Skelfhill, then gravel-filtered before being fed to the town. The reservoir at Dodburn Filters was constructed and opened in 1882 by the 5th Duke of Buccleuch. At the opening ceremony, Hawick was lavishly decorated with banners, flags, and floral displays, and a large procession met the Duke, including the Cornet with the Flag, Freemasons in their livery, and a host of other representatives of organisations within Hawick. The ceremony was closed with a dinner for about five-hundred people in the Exchange Buildings, followed by a ball. “Dodburn” became a humorous name for local tap-water, given the supply from the Dodburn Filters. For example: ‘Can A hev a whusky an Dodburn?’