Highland Cows

Respect the Farmer 

Like a certain UK politician, we think running through a field of wheat (or any other crop for that matter) is very naughty and rightfully will make farmers very angry. 

 So please respect the Farmer, their livestock and livelihood;

  • Do not walk or ride through crops, go around (even if the route appears to take you through the field) 
  • Obey advice and notices posted by farmer/landowners
  • Keep all dogs on the lead around animals - even if you think the dog is well behaved and stays by your side, or you don’t have a lead -  turn back and come prepared another day. 
  • Just don’t take dogs near livestock during March, April and May when there may be lambs and calves around.
  • Respect animals and keep your distance, best to give them a wide berth, be wary as a default position
  • Leave gates as you find them - open or closed, the farmer/landowner has left them that way for a reason.
  • If you open a gate make sure it is firmly closed behind you.

Above all else, remember that your actions could endanger the safety and well-being of animals and could have a financial impact for the farmer/landowner. Think how you would feel if you were impacted by the careless/reckless actions of someone else - don’t be that person. 


Respect the environment

  • Don’t put it in danger from pollution of any kind (litter, noise).
  • Take everything you bring into the environment back home with you.
  • Let our scenery set your soul on fire and please let that be the only fire you kindle out there in the wild.
  • If you pitch your tent out in the wild (where you are allowed) - make sure no one would even know you had been there when you leave, don’t leave your empties, your disposable BBQ, your tent.
Field of Flowers

Respect our Water

That most essential element to life is indeed precious, don’t spoil it (yes that does mean don’t pee in the water!) and nothing you wouldn’t drink yourself should go in the water - be careful that even washing things in water could introduce harmful chemicals. 

And then reward yourself by enjoying (responsibly of course) a wee dram of that lovely whisky made with the pure water you have protected.

Respect the Privacy of Others

Access all areas? Yes there is the right to roam but - and this is the all important small print – ‘Although access rights, particularly for recreational purposes, have been exercised for many years, this has largely been through the tolerance of landowners, rather than as of right, unless a public right of way had been established.' So if you can, stick to any signposted right of way (why wouldn’t you?) and don’t test the tolerance of the landowner.

The Scottish access rights may appear to be extensive but they are subject to many restrictions and they do not give you right of access to the following land:

  • any land with buildings (residential/non residential) on it, a fixed piece of machinery or anywhere that provides an individual with privacy or shelter (e.g. tent or caravan). 
  • gardens around houses, caravans or tents etc. 
  • common gardens that are restricted to residents
  • schools or land used by schools, such as a playground; 
  • land that has been developed as a sports or playing field, or for a particular recreational purpose;
  • land on which crops are growing (in order to protect farming);

Respect the Weather

  • Check what’s coming 
  • Wear the right clothes and shoes

In the words of the Big Yin

 “There's no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes” Billy Connolly

Respect Yourself

  • Wear the right gear
  • Check the conditions
  • Don’t put yourself in danger
  • Do the right thing out there