Welcome to Hawick

Tucked away in the south of Scotland; a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life and busy motorways, the small town of Hawick sits in the eastern peninsula of the Southern Uplands.

As the whole of UK begins to unshackle itself from lockdown, staycations appear the toast of summer to come, and Town of 1000 Trails is at the forefront of offering a first-rate staycation for families young and old.

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Walk, run or ride, your opportunities are vast and endless in Hawick, and with our featured difficulty scale, it’s never been easier to pick the best trail route when on holiday.

For walks, there is easy to access trails within the town itself, particularly handy for older families visiting or those with young children. The Moat walking route takes you to a prime vantage point of the whole town, as well as passing through the scenic Wilton Lodge Park.

For those looking for a bit more of a challenge, especially keen cyclists, we have you sorted. We are fortunate to be situated near to classic ‘chocolate-box’ villages such as Ashkirk and Denholm, paving the way for perfect looped cycling routes for all ages.

Dedicated trail holiday makers are also spoilt for choice for advanced walking and running routes. We are situated in the heart of the old Waverley railway line, with picture perfect architecture, like Shankend Viaduct, still standing proudly for visitors to see.

Things to do in Hawick

Within the town itself, the award-winning Wilton Lodge Park provides a real focal point for visitors and townsfolk alike. Regarded by many as one of the most attractive parks in Scotland, the park boasts a waterfall, formal and walled gardens, a museum and a picturesque bandstand.

It’s ease of access within the town also makes it an ideal walking destination for young and old families. Children may be especially keen to check out the dedicated town pump track, designed to test cornering skills of riders. If fast-paced cycling isn’t so much your thing, don’t worry, there are also highly popular rickshaw rides for a more relaxed cycle for multi-generational families.

Hawick is also spoilt for choice when it comes to quality cafés, bars and restaurants. During the day, you may look to visit the Horse Monument in the centre of the town, which handily enough has a café accompanying it.

For knitwear enthusiasts, Johnstons of Elgin provides the combined comfort of a coffee shop, store, and guided information of the towns rich history in the knitwear industry.

In the evening, there are choices aplenty of where to eat. From classic bistros, to varied delicatessens, our platform directory provides ample choices of places to dine in the town.


Hawick has everything to offer when it comes to holiday and overnight accommodation. Choice is at your disposal, with a wide range of 4–5-star hotels, guesthouses, cottages, caravans or even glamping sites to choose from.

For motorhome or caravan owners, we provide free overnight at the Common Haugh Car Park in Hawick, conveniently situated near to restaurants and the town’s park. For those looking to truly immerse yourself in the beautiful, why not try staying overnight in yurts, shepherd huts or riverside lodges, all of which are offered too.

Start planning your visit to Hawick today! Make your reservations for this summer and enjoy a perfect holiday or weekend break for all the family.