Stonedge Circular Walking Route

A wonderful woodland wander with stunning views of Ruberslaw, the Minto Hills and Eildon Hills to the east, across to the Border with England.

Take the B6399 out of Hawick heading towards Newcastleton.  After roughly five miles take the sharp left turn to Earlside heading for Bonchester.  About a mile along the road to your right just before the first cattle grid you will see a hardcore track with a sign for Stonedge Farm.  Park safely here by pulling into the side of the track being sure to leave plenty access for farm vehicles.


Heading up the forestry track, as soon as you turn left at the top, wonderful views of Ruberslaw, the Minto Hills and the Eildon Hills appear.  Continue long the track until you reach what is almost a junction.  Take the right hand track up into the forestry, which leads you round the summit of Stonedge Hill.


As you progress round the forest you gradually descend to discover views of Ruberslaw once more and the land up the Border with England including the Cheviot Hills and Carter Fell (which are part of the Northumberland National Park), following the track past Stonedge Farm back towards the junction.  At this point turn right returning to the track back down to where you parked.


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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 4.96 Miles
Towns: Hawick
Total Ascent (m): 652.000
Average Time: 1hr 56min
GPX Start Lat. 55°22'48"N
GPX Start Lng. 2°43'22"W

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