Newcastleton Forest Hanging Tree Walking Route

The Hanging tree trail is a circular trail through a mature forest.


Newcastleton is a village located 22 miles south of Hawick. Follow sign posts past Rock UK to the end of the road to Preisthill Car Park. A circular walk climbs along forest track on Priest Hill, descending through a hidden valley, allowing you to discover the wild history of Newcastleton by following nan od drove road to Belshiels, and visit the Hanging tree and ruins of Poulterampert. The path takes you along rough grassy sections with some steep slopes. Muddy sections must be negotiated along the way and the crossing of two bridges.


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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.27 Miles
Towns: Newcastleton
Total Ascent (m): 312.000
Average Time: 53 minutes
GPX Start Lat. 55°11'6"N
GPX Start Lng. 2°46'39"W

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