Wulliestruther Loch Walking Route

The Wulliestruther Loch route is a walking route over gravel path.

A circular walk from the car park at Wulliestruther Loch, which is two miles from Hawick travels along gravel path.

Williestruther Loch, in the middle of Hawick Moor, near Pilmuir farm, covering about 17 acres and stocked for fishing.

It is sometimes referred to simply as `the Struther'. Its level was raised by damming in the early 19th century, in the interests of mills on the Slitrig (to raise the level of the river during dry spells). This allowed the mills on the Slitrig Water to survive through some of the summer of 1844, for example, when the local rivers dried up to a trickle.


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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.85 Miles
Towns: Hawick
Total Ascent (m): 83.000
Average Time: 19
GPX Start Lat. 55°23'46"N
GPX Start Lng. 2°48'6"W

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