Teviothead Circular Walking & Running Route

a walk by a lonely country road and open hill country which takes in memorials to three very different borderers.

Follow the A7 south from Hawick for 8 ½ miles to Teviothead.  Turn right at the Falnash and Hislop sign to park just over the first bridge.

For this circular walk, go back over the bridge to the A7 and walk south along the verge. Turning right at the Carlenrig, Merrylaw and Hizzy Cairn signs. In at Johnny Armstrong’s grave on the left then after passing the entrance to the Old Manse go into the graveyard opposite the church.  Johnny Armstrong’s memorial is the fifth stone along the left-hand wall. The next gravestone to the right of this is the grave of Henry Scott Riddell.

Follow the road which goes quite steeply uphill with a view to the Henry Scott Riddell monument back over to your right. Here you get a good view down on the A7 with Skelfhill Pen over to your left.  Continue on the road till you come to Hizzy’s cairn.

Head on again with a good view down to Lymiecleuch with the Wisp and Pikethaw behind. The ribbon of the road stretches ahead but it is not long before you get a glimpse down to Blackcleuch on your right and of Commonbrae ahead. 

The top of Skelfhill Pen peeps over to your right and there is a good view back to the Wisp.  As you climb, Penchrise Pen and Ruberslaw come into view. There are excellent views to Tudhope and Skelfhill Pen to the east. Look out for a glimpse of Hislop Farm in the valley beyond and a view of Teviothead Kirk cradled by the sheltering hills. 

Linger a while to admire the view then head back south-west along the hill making for the lower side of the wood to go down through the gate in the dyke and join the track just below Dryden Cottage. Follow the track down to the River Teviot. Cross the cattle grid. To your right Teviothead Cottage was where Henry Scott Riddell stayed and there is a plaque commemorating him on the house.  Follow the track along to arrive at your car. 


Before heading home pay a visit to the Johnny Armstrong Gallery across the road, which will give you a great insight into the reiving era.


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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 8.72 Miles
Towns: Hawick
Total Ascent (m): 1537.000
Average Time: 3h 36min
GPX Start Lat. 55°20'14"N
GPX Start Lng. 2°56'28"W

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