Newcastleton Demainholm Walking & Running Route

A short circular route climbing gently through mature forest.

Demainholm which is owned by Buccleuch Estates was planted in 1995, so the trees are still young. The estate has laid out walks one of which is described here. For this route you are following Newcastleton Paths arrow waymarkers. For this route, you are following orange markers. From the car park, turn left up the track into the forest.


After climbing gently for a while, the track levels out and there are wide views across the valley and to the surrounding hills. Birdlife in the forest includes buzzards and short-eared owls, which feed partly on the thriving population of voles found here. Mallard ducks can sometimes be seen, and dragonflies in summer.


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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.00 Miles
Towns: Newcastleton
Total Ascent (m): 278.000
Average Time: 1h 05min
GPX Start Lat. 55° 9' 25" N
GPX Start Lng. 2° 49' 34" W

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