Roberton Chapel Hill Walking & Running Route

Great hill walk with stunning views, mainly across open farmland with some good tracks to follow.

From the Forman Hall in Roberton, proceed down the hill to cross the stream and then the Borthwick Water over the metal footbridge.

Follow the track, climbing steadily until you go through the gap between two stone walls. Turn left and follow the sheep path until you reach the top of Easter Park Hill.

Following the ridge line, turn away from the wall and walk south.

Further along the route, Chapel Hill Trig Point can be viewed on the left. You're going to this Trig Point. Get to this field by following the wall around to the right where there is a gate. Once through the gate, climb the hill and aim for the Trig point. 

From the trig point, descend to the visible road. Following the road to the Chisholme Institute entrance, cross the cattle grid and continue through the institute’s grounds onto Parkhill Farm.


You now follow the Romans and Reivers route gradually descending to the start point.


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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 5.35 Miles
Towns: Hawick
Total Ascent (m): 818.000
Average Time: 2h 9min
GPX Start Lat.
GPX Start Lng.

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