Newcastleton Raltonside & Blackburn Walking Route

A circular route over generally good paths.

After passing Raltonside Cottage Take the left fork which will lead you across the hill,

from where you have a fine view over the valley, through a gate and across a large field towards Woolhope. Locally pronounced more like ‘Oolock’ and recorded as such as far back as 1376, Woolhope was formerly a separate small farm, but the building is now abandoned. Through the gate in the field corner, go down the slope on a rough track to join a better track which leads across a bridge and uphill again to Blackburn Farm. The medieval farm “Blackburnsyd” lay next to the burn, and you pass the site of it after crossing the bridge. 

Pass through the farmyard, taking care if there is any machinery moving about, and follow the access road over a bridge. Go through the second gate on the left beyond the bridge and follow the track down through the field. It leads through another gate and up the side of the next field beside the telephone poles. If you continue straight on at this point you reach the road. Turn left to descend to the village past the John Byrne Memorial Cairn. Go through another gate on to the Pathhead Moss. 


Take the track which skirts the northern edge of the Moss and leads down towards the village. Where the track bends left, go right to enter the wood by a gate and footbridge. Follow the path along the upper edge of the wood until just before a deep gully, a small path leads down to the left. This is a short cut back to the village. To continue the full walk, cross two bridges and continue along the edge of the wood to the Bull Park, enclosed on the far side by a stone wall. Here the villagers used to keep a bull beside the common grazing land on Holm Hill.


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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 4.58 Miles
Towns: Newcastleton
Total Ascent (m): 541.000
Average Time: 1h 47min
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