Newcastleton Across the Border Return via Road Walking Route

This circular trail is partly just on the English side of the Border.

This trail sets off from the center of Newcastleton, a village 22 miles south of Hawick. The walk follows minor roads, the old railway, and a section of the Cross-Border Cycle Trail, so the route is quite straightforward. After crossing Holm Bridge, this track climbs behind the buildings and soon turns right to enter the forest, heading south.

Some of the trees in this part of the forest were among the first to be planted here by the Forestry Commission in the early 1920s. They are now classed (in terms of timber production) as ‘over mature’, but are being left to enhance the amenity of the area and encourage birdlife. Species include spruce, larch, and Douglas fir. Most of the cropped timber is Sitka spruce, and the timber is used for building work, fencing material and for paper production.

The track meets another trail coming down from the left, and this is where it starts to follow the England-Scotland border. Cross the Kershope Burn – and walk into England! The trail runs southwest, just on the English side of the border and near the edge of the forest, to reach a minor road at Kershope Bridge. On the way it passes Day Holm, a place mentioned in the Ballad of Kinmont Willie, a famous Border tale.

From Kershope Bridge follow the road as it curves gradually north below Caerba Hill to pass several disused quarries and reach Sorbietrees. Continue with the road all the way to the Holm Bridge, and on to Newcastleton.


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Difficulty: Advanced
Length: 9.94 Miles
Towns: Newcastleton
Total Ascent (m): 943.000
Average Time: 3h 45min
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