Roberton Drove Road to Broadlee & Woodburn Walking Route

A good circular walk up the old drovers road on Broadlee on open hill, retuning by minor public road.

There is a small parking area at grid on the B711 just past Deanburnhaugh. From the parking area, cross over the bridge. Turn left before the stone cottage, Muselee Cottage. Keeping the cottage on your right, follow the finger post pointing uphill through the gate onto the old drove road track. Keep the cottage and later the woodland on your right.


At Broadlee Loch continue uphill, once you reach higher ground the track becomes more visible. Crossing the ford, ascend a grassy path up Birneyknowe, where there is a cairn. Continue past the cairn to the tarmac road, which you follow back to the starting point.


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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 4.18 Miles
Towns: Hawick
Total Ascent (m): 562.000
Average Time: 1hr 37min
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