Stobs Camp, Penchrise Pen, Peelbraehope and The Tinlee Stone Walking Route

A walk with memorable views through country where Reivers once met, and soldiers once trained

Walk up the road then turn right to walk down into Stobs Camp. As the road swings left notice the last of the POW’s huts across the valley. After crossing the bridge notice the remains of the Camp swimming pool on the left just before you go through the gate.

Pass the Camp parade ground on your right.  Turn left over the burn and through the gate take the Cogsmill sign to walk up the track with Winningtonrig cottage on the skyline to your right. As you approach the next gate the breached dam of one of the Camp reservoirs holding ponds is obvious on your right. Continue through another gate with another reservoir dam ahead. Look over your left shoulder to see the summit of Ruberslaw peeping over. As you gradually climb look back to see the Eildons and the Black Hill of Earlston. Soon Stobs or Barnes Loch comes into view with Skelfhill Pen prominent ahead.

Continuing up the trail, gradually climbing over open uneven ground, crossing the fence brings you upon the camp trench and dugout. Further up the hill you come upon the remains of the old target range. After heavy rain you may still be able to find bullets part-buried in the banking behind the target.  

Heading (south) uphill to pick up a faint track to turn right and follow Hawick Paths arrow to a stone shelter on the skyline looking back as you climb at the grand view of Ruberslaw and the Cheviot Hills. A short detour is well worth your time, and allows you to climb Penchrise Pen, the reward for reaching the summit is panoramic views of the border hills.

Retracing your steps down, the trail continues, passed the now demolished farm stead of the Elliot family of Peelbraehope and onwards to the Tinlee stone, the ancient boundary mark used as meeting point by the Wardens of the Marches during the reiving period. This marks the farthest point of the walk; you can now start retracing your steps for home. 


The track swings round left then right to pass derelict Barnes Farm on the left and a drying house and the foundations of old POW huts on the right. On reaching your car before driving off take time to walk the short distance east along the track and down into the trees to have a look at all that is left of the old POW’s graveyard.


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Difficulty: Advanced
Length: 9.16 Miles
Towns: Hawick
Total Ascent (m): 1462.000
Average Time: 3h 42min
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