Braidliehope & Geatmoor Walking Route

Short - a varied walk on land where a queen once rode which follows a secluded border burn to a fine summit cairn returning with a view to a brooding stronghold.

Take the B6399 road from Hawick to Newcastleton. Turn right immediately after the hump bridge at Hermitage (signposted Hermitage Castle), and continue for just over 2 miles, passing the castle and Dinley Farm. Park in the lay-by just before the bridge which takes the track across to the next farm on the right which, although unsigned, is Braidlie, roughly 14 miles from Hawick.

Leave the road and cross this bridge over the Hermitage Water. This looped trail follows the gravel road to the run down cottage which is the derelict one-time shepherd’s cottage of Braidliehope.

Take the track steeply uphill and look left to see Cauldcleuch head and The Queens Mire. The route taken my Mary Queen of Scots. A gradual but steep climbs along the ridge line bearing right, rewarding you with spectacular vies of the Scottish Borders. 

There is a superb view from the summit cairn south to the Pennines, south west to the Solway and the Lakeland fells, west to Skelfhill Pen and north to the Maidens, Penchrise Pen and Ruberslaw.

Heading back down the fence you came up and following it all the way to Hermitage Hill is not always easy walking through the peat but with grand views of the hills of the Hermitage Valley.  The fence swings left with a good view back to Greatmoor, the Leap and Wyndburgh.  

On summiting Hermitage Hill, the view of Hermitage Castle appears below you to your left and the trail continues down hill to re-join the dirt track back to the car.


Stop off to visit Hermitage Castle before returning home.


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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 6.72 Miles
Towns: Hermitage
Total Ascent (m): 1628.000
Average Time: 3h
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