Harden Glen Walking Route via Ogilvie Cairn

A varied walk round a famous reiving stronghold by farmland and grand open hill country with spectacular views.

Harden Glen is located 4 miles west of Hawick and is forever synonymous with the Scott reiving family. The walk itself promises varied walking around a famous reiving stronghold, surrounded by local farmland and spectacular views of the local countryside as you venture into the grand open hill country. 

Beginning at the Common Haugh, walkers will initially enter Wilton Lodge Park, passing the towns’ museum, before leaving the town via the hard-surfaced Whitehaugh Road.

As you begin to venture higher into the hillsides that overlook the town, fantastic views of Hawick in all its glory will begin to emerge - a perfect photo opportunity on a clear day. 

On the route you will pass the Ogilvie Cairn, which was the favourite spot of the Scottish-Australian poet Will H Ogilvie.

Delving further into the trail, you will pass near to Harden House, which is home to Lord Polwarth, a direct descendent of one of the most notable Border reivers, Walter “Auld Wat” Scott of Harden. 

The house itself is strikingly situated above a deep ravine, known as the “Beeftub”. In days gone by, cattle that were taken from moonlit raids were hidden in there, leading to the motto “there will be moonlight again” being given to the Harden Scotts. 

As you return back towards Wilton Lodge Park, you will find an opportunity to take a break and relax after a lengthy walk. The Wilton Park Lodge Cafe offers refreshments and fresh local baking for anyone looking for a post-walk pick me up. 



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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 12.31 Miles
Towns: Stintyknowes, Borthaugh
Total Ascent (m): 616.890
Average Time: 4h 55min
GPX Start Lat. 55° 25' 21" N
GPX Start Lng. 2° 47' 38" W
Harden Glen 1
Harden Glen 2
Harden Glen 3
Harden Glen 4
Harden Glen 5
Ogilivie Cairn 1
Ogilivie Cairn 2
Ogilivie Cairn 3

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