Ca' Knowe Walking Route

This is a walking route to Ca' Knowe.

The Caa Knowe (thu-kaw-now) is located 5 miles south of Hawick and is a walk on the town’s boundary following the hoof prints of the cornet and his mounted supporters at the Common-Riding. Route home is via farmland passing two scenic lochs.


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Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 9.43 Miles
Towns: N/A
Total Ascent (m): 312.700
Average Time: 3h 33min
GPX Start Lat. 55° 25' 21" N
GPX Start Lng. 2° 47' 31" W
Ca' Knowe 1
Ca' Knowe 2
Ca' Knowe 3
Ca' Knowe 4
Ca' Knowe 5
Ca' Knowe 6
Ca' Knowe
Ca' Knowe 8

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