Teviothead Walking Route

This is a point to point walking route to Teviothead.

This linear route starts at the Common Haugh in Hawick and finishes at the small settlement of Teviothead, south of Hawick.

The walking route starts by passing through Wilton Lodge Park, leading out towards Wiltonburn. There is then a small section of minor road before turning left at Highchesters farm following the tracks to eventaully join another minor road near Branxholme loch. Then leaving the road following an old drove road to Broadlee loch, where it is worth stopping for a rest to enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

Leave the loch, climbing up eventually reaching Philhope fell, then heading down on forest tracks to a minor road leading to the end of the walk at Teviothead.

At Teviothead it is worth visiting the Johnnie Armstrong Gallery, celebrating the life of the famous the Border Reiver, who along with his henchmen where hanged without trial on the orders of King James V in 1530 at Teviothead.

It is then possible to return to Hawick by the X95 bus service which passes through Teviothead every hour (see Traveline for details).


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Difficulty: Advanced
Length: 13.53 Miles
Towns: Wilton Dean, Branxholme, Broadlee,
Total Ascent (m): 2056.470
Average Time: 6 hours
GPX Start Lat. 55° 25' 23" N
GPX Start Lng. 2° 47' 27" W
Wilton Lodge Park Bandstand
Looking back towards Hawick
Teviothead Walking Route
Teviothead Walking Route
Teviothead Walking Route
Teviothead Walking Route
Teviothead Walking Route
Teviothead Walking Route
Johnnie Armstrong Gallery at Teviothead

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